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Rekey Locks

If you lost the key and want to rekey locks, Pickering locksmiths are found right around the corner and ready to come to your rescue. Just say the word and we’ll dispatch a pro your way the very moment you need it.

Rekeying locks is all about changing their pins so that the original key won’t fit. Why would you want that to happen? In case the original key is stolen or somehow missing and you want to be sure of the property’s security. Or, when the key of an employee or tenant is not returned and the lock doesn’t change. It’s all about being proactive in regard to your security and addressing a problem before it actually happens. And since such situations are often time-sensitive, like when a key is stolen, our team here at Locksmith Pickering serves in no time flat.

Time to rekey locks in Pickering? Let’s talk

Rekey Locks Pickering

How urgent is it to rekey locks in Pickering, Ontario? No matter how pressing your situation may be, trust that our company takes the steps needed to expedite things and have a locksmith at your place in no time. In our business, all problems are quite serious since they have to do with the security of buildings, properties, and possessions and by extension the safety of people. And so, we always help fast – even more when a key is not returned to the owner or is stolen.

Whatever your emergency, know that we swiftly send a pro to offer the lock rekey service. And the locksmiths bring the right tools to change the pins of the lock and they also bring key replacement options to choose the suitable one and make a new key.

Lock rekey services are offered fast and done well

The process is the same and the response is as quick as it is okay with you when you need key change just in case. Or, because you have decided to operate all or some of the locks at your place with one key. Are you carrying a lot of keys in the office and would prefer to have a master key? Turn to us and let our team send a locksmith your way. Locks can be keyed and rekeyed, depending on the situation. And you can trust our team with all services – whether you want a master key system, a lock keyed alike or different, and certainly, a lock rekeyed.

Since what you want right now is to rekey locks in Pickering, let us not waste any more time. Call us to set the appointment.